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Corporate Managers

Rob Jones

Senior Business Development Manager Enterprise Logistics

Robert (Rob) Jones is a retired Senior Non-Commissioned Officer with 22+ years of extensive experience leading, managing, and training personnel and staff in the Field Artillery. Robert is a proven Subject Matter Expert (SME) in all aspects of training, deployment, logistics, and sustainment operations. Rob understands the current government procurement and buying patterns, builds skilled teams, and successfully manages proposal development and submissions. He provides customers value-laden support during this current austere market time period and is known as a problem solver with a “can do”, take-charge attitude.

Charlie Eisenhart

Senior Corporate Program Manager / Solution Provider

Charlie Eisenhart has 20+ years’ experience as a leading Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the Test and Evaluation (T&E) Industry. As a T&E Data Scientist, Charlie has successfully planned, staffed, executed, and reported on more than 200 operational, developmental, data collection, and experimentation missions varying in size from 1 to 300+ personnel. Mr. Eisenhart is the lead architect for multiple data collection, authentication, reporting, and configuration management database /software systems and remains at the tip of the spear of evolving T&E technologies as a contractor CCB member for multiple Next Generation data tools and instrumentation devices.

Keith Salters

Corporate Program Manager / Solution Provider

Keith Salters is an Army First Sergeant (Retired) with 23+ years of military experience in Maintenance Management, Supply Support Management, Administrative Management, and Logistics Operations Management. Keith possesses a master’s degree in Business Administration from Webster University. He serves as the Program Manager & Solution Provider requiring measurements, analysis, training, counseling, evaluations, and compliance.

Roy L. Fishel

Corporate Program Manager / Solution Provider

Roy Fishel brings 35+ years of logistics experience in both military (retired US Army) and civilian (commercial distribution /warehousing and Government contracting) with a primary focus on maintenance and supply functional areas. As a government contractor, he has served as a logistics analyst, site manager, project manager, program and operations manager with oversight of both CONUS and OCONUS contracts.

Ardis Ferguson

Corporate Program Manager / Solution Provider

Ardis Ferguson is a recognized subject matter expert in multi-functional logistics. He has 37+ years of logistics experience from US Army (Retired) and DoD civilian with extensive operations management experience in CONUS and OCONUS environments. Ardis has a master’s in Management from Webster University and a master’s in Strategic Studies from USAWC.

Kevin L. Dodson

Corporate Compliance Officer

Kevin Dodson is an Army Veteran with more than 29 years of proven expertise in global logistics, information technology, and cyber security. Kevin possesses a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a master’s degree in Information Systems Management, and a Master of Business Administration in Operations Management. He serves as the key stakeholder responsible for continual improvement, quality management, and cyber security operations at all corporate and contract locations. He ensures that all corporate and contract staff are adhering to security policies, processes, and procedures. He is actively working to maintain SAWTST’s compliance with ISO 9001 regulations, as well as drive compliance with the NIST 800.171r1 and CMMC.