Building Your Future Today

Executive Team

Ronald Saxton

Chief Executive Officer

CEO Ron Saxton began SAWTST in 2006 with service in mind. While working on a project in the Middle East, he recognized soldiers were provided with new technologies yet they lacked the training required to maximize the efficiency of those technologies. Mr. Saxton continued his service by instituting a policy to seek Veterans First and has grown the organization by hiring the right PEOPLE, streamlining the best PROCESSES, and implementing innovative TECHNOLOGIES.

Keith Jones


Retired Army Colonel Keith Jones serves as President of SAWTST with 36+ years of proven expertise in regional and global logistics, operations, transportation, supply chain management and federal contract pursuit, procurement and management. He serves as the strategic, visionary leader of the company to ensure continued growth and profitability. He possesses a thorough knowledge of logistics, supply chain management, transportation and the entire government contracting process from client purchasing requirements to providing contractor services.

Roshawnda Allen

Chief Operating Officer

Roshawnda “Ro” Allen serves as the COO for SAWTST with 20+ years of professional experience in software and systems engineering, project management, business consulting, and federal Government contracting. Ro specializes in learning the internal operations and business processes of small businesses and helping them grow. She is a problem solver and leads her teams in all phases of the business development lifecycle. Ro has hands-on experience and loves to win. She has won and directly supported contracts for the Departments of Defense, Army, Veteran Affairs, Interior, Labor, Army National Guard, and the United States Department of Agriculture, to name a few.

Debra Hadley

Chief Financial Officer

Debra Hadley is an accomplished accounting and finance director with 25+ years of experience in streamlining and strengthening financial operations in government and private sectors to maximize performance and profitability. Debra specializes in government accounting and utilizes keen analysis and attention to detail in implementing and rolling out effective financial strategies, systems, and processes to improve organizational performance. Debra has an extensive background in leading teams of accounting, finance, human resource, and customer service.

Audrey Hines

Chief Human Resources Officer

Audrey Hines has 30+ years of experience in federal and commercial Human Resources (HR) as well as extensive experience in workforce management. Audrey is certified HR Professional and Practitioner by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and HR Certification Institute® (HRCI). Audrey is responsible for developing and executing human resource strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization, specifically in the areas of talent management/recruitment, employee performance, Safety, employee engagement, and government regulatory compliance.